Chon Terek Recreation Area

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About recreation area

Noisy and polluted cities, non-natural products, weak nerves-this is the result of living in a big city. There is an opportunity for take a rest from all these curses.

Farmhouse guest complex “CHON TEREK” is located 45 km away from Bishkek, in Sokuluk district, Jylamysh gorge.

Our guests can spend their time watching how dairy products are manufactured, feeding domestic animals, there are mountain walking tours, where they can collect vulnerary plants.

The owner of the farm will be happy to organize a short tour around his farm and will tell you about the features of country life. Guests are fed with organic and ecological pure food, after a day of fresh air.

Our guest complex located in a scenic gorge, can become a place for recreational rest for all who value comfort and calmness. Fresh mountain air, sounds of the river, grants pleasant and impressive relaxation, energy flow for a long time.

Corporate trips and family events are organized, as well as horseback riding, hiking and fishing. After an active day you can visit the Finnish sauna.

Kymys treatment

Mare’s milk for a long timepeople began to use in food.In the East, already 3000 years ago it was consideredsacred and medicinalproduct by calling “medicine,blessed by Allah.” Mare’smilk is recommended fordiseases of the stomach, liver, intestines, skin, disorders of the immune system, treatment of peptic ulcer disease,chronic hepatitis, any form of tuberculosis. From mare’s milk obtained kymyz, which has a wide range of dietaryand therapeutic and prophylactic effect.

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Why Chon Terek?

45 miles from Bishkek

Horse riding

Fresh mountain air

Pleasant rest

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Sokuluk district
Jylamysh village


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